Power Brokering and its Discontents. Ultrasensitive, quickly deleted Twitter livewriting, 11/4/22. (Multiple 🌐verlaps Between Me and Ye)
Using LinkedIn and Twitter to try to end mental health business fraud after years of prep work. A brief visual history from inception: 2/8/22. Peak…
My family business wanted to sue Kering SA, parent company of Saint Laurent
This email I sent caused corruption to reach a new level. 7/29/21, previously uncirculated
The NxYT Substack Premiere SongListen now (1 min)
How is it even possible that only I get to speak on the subject of the crimes I’ve alleged?
The self-serving math just continues to sum up to nothing. A big fat goose egg.
The use of proxies in my case shows how next to impossible they are to address, and reactionary hate, violence and political hyperpolarization are…
Enquiring minds still really want to know, and it’s almost 25 years later.
Reproduced here for the web. Founding members get a hand-bound (sewn) print copy!
Dehumanizers are the least human, and the clock is a way around them
Can you imagine having to stick to cover-up retaliatory mental illness allegations against your target in response to a mode of operation this…