Salvation can still be yours.
“TNT: Neighborhood Effects of Street-Level Narcotics Enforcement,” from Vera in 1992, verified much I had known, and been gaslit about, as a child.
The Next York Times is obligated to republish this (with joy). Please enjoy.
Originally performed live on Twitter and, 3/13/23
“Move fast and break things but make sure to manage DC” is dead

February 2023

April 2020, Brooklyn, NY
The NxYT Substack Premiere SongListen now (1 min) : Underground Next York House from Filthy By Sunday
February 1st, 2023

January 2023

The use of proxies in my case shows how next to impossible they are to address, and reactionary hate, violence and political hyperpolarization are…
How is it even possible that only I get to speak on the subject of the crimes I’ve alleged?
Can you imagine having to stick to cover-up retaliatory mental illness allegations against your target in response to a mode of operation this…
The self-serving math just continues to sum up to nothing. A big fat goose egg.