Even NYC lost its job to the Internet.

Born of necessity, not status-seeking.

The website stops fraud. This website defangs propaganda. This website presents solutions, not complaining. This website talks about serious issues while maintaining a somewhat quirky, native NYC style persona to help cut the severity.

This website is brand new. As much of The Next York Times’ content that’s now locked, buried, and hidden in Twitter will be reproduced here in time as possible.

The Next York Times was originally a purpose-driven security operation run on Twitter between February and August 2022, currently locked. 2022 was the year internet information warfare hit a new stage. We zero in on Identity Warfare, the part that harms and tweaks us as individuals most.

Oppose All Hate.

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Let’s be frank. Giving a discount to people who can afford to pay for a whole year up front is counterintuitive. The Annual price is the real subscription price, that may actually be able to support me through this last stage total cash-crunch. The Monthly price is a discount to the less affluent and the stingy. The Founding Member price is a gift, and thank you. Any amount between $251-2500 will grant that status, which will have permanent benefits. Happy Holidays!

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Bias Disclosure:

The Next York Times has a liberal political bias.

Editor: Jacob Kozinn, the Gaslit Tailor

β€œThen, just as Jacob Kozinn had predicted” β€”The New York Times

See the tattoo I’m pointing to with the pointer finger holding the phone? That’s the black triangle, which the Nazis made those β€œred-flagged” in the manner many amateur Internet Nazis red-flag wear in the camps. Identity Warfare types are all the same. They want bias-reliant mindless persecution for their own fascistic socioeconomic purposes.

Next York City. AntiHate Alliance.

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Jacob Kozinn

Even NYC lost its job to the Internet.